miles the scientist, originally born in Gary, Indiana has studied in the arts since a young age. Commonly known to be a modern day renaissance man, miles practices in the arts of music, illustration, painting, video editing, photography, film making, and much more. Now he resides in the bay area where he continues to perfect his craft and prepare for world domination.




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Project 47

Project 47 Inspiration 

Project 47 is heavily inspired by comic book characters from both Marvel and DC as well as the hip hop group Pro Era. Through Project 47, I have redesigned many of my favorite heroes and villains by combining different elements of a character from both their comic and film counterpart, as well as adding my own unique twist to each character. In the top corner of each painting is a 47 Logo that was originally designed by the late Capital Steez, the founder of Pro Era. Capital Steez designed this logo through his fixation on the number 47, which he felt was a perfect expression of balance. Capital Steez decided to incorporate the number into a logo in a way that it heavily resembles a swastika. This eye-catching design represents the perfect balance between the fourth chakra -the heart- and the seventh -the crown. Only Capital Steez knew the true in depth meaning behind this 47 theory. I decided to incorporate this logo into each one of my pieces, not only because it resonates with me, but also because I am a huge fan of Pro Era. I created this series as a representation of Pro Era as a whole, and how for me they represent the heroes of hip hop.

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