Destiny Walden

Destiny Walden is a Fashion Designer who was born and raised in Macon, Georgia. Destiny first gained her passion for designing at the age of 12, after distressing a pair of jeans. Destiny spoke about her inspiration for starting her fashion brand CHOKOLETD. "After presenting my dreams and aspirations with a woman, she proceeded to proudly tell me that I wouldn't make it in the fashion industry due to the incontestable fact that I am an African American." Destiny's plans were neither halted nor discouraged, but this instead inspired her to continue pushing. Destiny now resides in the bay area, where she continues to work and build her fashion brand, CHOKOLETD.


CHOKOLETD (Chuh-Kel-Ed) is a fashion brand that strives to provide quality styles and clothing, while pushing boundaries and transcending the idea of fashion.  CHOKOLETD represents the idea that there truly are no limits to what can be done. 


"Looks Are Deceiving"

Fashion Events

2017 Fashion Show "One of MAcon's Best Kept secrets"

2018 Rooftop Fashion Show "Onyx Nights"

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Instagram: @CHOKOLETD @Ladkei

Facebook: Destiny Walden

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